MCE Central & Eastern Europe

Ημερομηνία 30/05/2021 - 01/06/2021, Ολοήμερο
Τοποθεσία -
Διεύθυνση -, Budapest
Τηλέφωνο +420 226 804 080
The first live MICE industry event of the year in Budapest, Hungary 2021 is the year of the comeback, the year of the return to business and the time everyone has been looking forward towards. After a year of challenges, patience, resilience, we will be more happy than ever with what we had and will have again. Europe Congress is looking forward to offering the MICE industry its first live event in Budapest, Hungary from 30th of May till the 1st of June. After having celebrated the 10th annual edition of MCE Central & Eastern Europe in Vienna in 2020, Europe Congress is very exited to come back to host a forum in Budapest, the city where it last hosted an event in 2013. The setting up of a new Convention Bureau in Budapest is a unique opportunity to re-connect the various MICE providers from Central & Eastern Europe with event buyers keen on finding out why Central & Eastern Europe and Budapest specifically should be on each event planners short list to place an event at. ‘’We are greatly honoured to host again one of the most significant forums with an outstanding business value in the meetings industry, the MCE Central & Eastern Europe. This event will play an important role in restarting our industry, providing a place for the joint thinking and successful negotiations between the excellent suppliers and buyers looking for new solutions. After a year full of challenges and restrictions, it will definitely be a special pleasure to participate in a live event, to meet in person, to experience real encounters after a long period of online discussions and virtual events. For this we provide a great destination and wonderful experiences through the venues in Budapest, and the additional FAM trips.’’ Anna Békefi, Managing Director of the Budapest Convention Bureau mentioned. The renovated Radisson Blue Beke will host the event and various dinner venues will further impress all participants. Dynamic Tours DMC is the event partner assuring all ground transportation to perfectly match the event schedule and getting everyone in comfort to the various venues. “In the past when finding venues for clients, and now within my role in Europe Congress, I have always loved to come to Budapest. The city offers so much different culture from various periods within its rich history, and is therefore unique in Europe. The hospitable attitude, great cuisine, warm atmosphere and its wide offer for any type of events make it a destination to always consider.”, Alain Pallas, Managing Director of Europe Congress stated. The boutique event that will welcome up to 60 destinations and suppliers as well as up to 80 international event planners, will be well able to implement any health and safety regulations valid at that time. The event will offer a great experience to all participants resulting in business growth, wonderful memories and a new fresh step towards the industry renewal. Key Benefits: 2,5 days MICE one-stop-shop B2B forum / High quality event venue: Radisson Blue Beke / By EC scheduled 30 to 35 match-made one-to-one meetings / 80 qualified event planners meet with 60 Convention Bureaus and MICE Providers / Boutique event format to maximize connectivities / Total maximum of 150 persons remain together throughout the entire event program / Convention Bureaus unique format promotional sessions / Networking sessions during coffee breaks, luncheons, reception, dinners and feasts / Safe and healthy protocals assuring security and comfort for all participants / The most flexible participation terms and conditions on the market.  


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