SITE Study Shows Incentive Travel in the U.K. Generates Employee Engagement

unnamedThe SITE Foundation has just released the results of a new study,“The Participants’ Viewpoint of the Incentive Travel Market in theUnited Kingdom”, a continuation of the groundbreaking series of Participants’ Viewpoint studies published in 2012.

The new study reveals the impact of incentive travel programs on participants in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and compares results of Qualifiers who earned the travel award versus Non-Qualifiers who did not. The study also compares the effect of this motivational tool on participants from two different countries – the U.K. and the United States.

“With today’s global workforce, it is imperative that companies and incentive planners gain a deeper understanding of how to design programs that will motivate all participants and deliver business results,” said Tina Weede, SITE Foundation Vice-President, Research and Education and President, USMotivation

The information in the study provides insights on how to design successful incentive travel programs for audiences in the United Kingdom. Observations include:

  • Incentive travel in the U. K. is generating significant employee engagement. A majority said it made them feel appreciated (87.5%), increased loyalty (80%), “belongingness” (78%) and trust (75%) toward their company.
  • Not surprisingly, more qualifiers found incentive travel programs motivating or extremely motivating (76%) vs. non-qualifiers. Yet a large majority (62%) of those who did not earn the reward still found the programs to be motivational.
  • Both Qualifiers and Non-Qualifiers (67%) reported their level of motivation increased whether a new program offered the same or different destination, but motivation spiked by changing the destination annually.
  • Participants (71%) believed that the incentive travel reward provided unique experiences that they would not be able to do on their own

“The SITE Foundation is committed to global research and our goal is to conduct a series of studies that compares and contrasts participants’ viewpoints of incentive travel around the world, “ added Kurt Paben, SITE Foundation President and President, Channel & Employee Loyalty U.S., Aimia.

The full report can be downloaded at