IAPCO: Triple win for Porto

IAPCO was proud to announce the winner of their 2014 National Supplier Award which was presented to Carlos de Brito, President AMTC (Associação do Museu dos Transportes e Comunicações) on behalf of the Alfandega Porto Congress Centre who won the Award on 9 February.   This was the first time that an IAPCO Award, of which over 60 have been presented in the last 20 years, has been presented to a Portuguese winner.    The Congress Centre was nominated by AIM Group Liston for their outstanding service, co-operation and flexibility.  “It is one of the largest and most versatile congress centres in Portugal” commented Monica Freire, of AIM Lisbon, “with excellent and unique conditions in the local, national and international panorama.  It is also located in one of the city’s most emblematic and historical buildings which makes it very special.  The services provided by the Congress Centre respond to the highest standards, ensuring the most modern equipment and the most effective and competitive solutions.  I was proud to nominate them and even more delighted to see them win”.

2014 was a triply successful year for the Alfandega Porto Congress Centre, also being awarded with the Best European Congress Centre, by Business Destinations Travel Awards, and the Best Congress, by Publituris, a prestigious national magazine of tourism sector.

“I am gratified to present this award to the Alfandega Porto Congress Centre” said Michel Neijmann “and their delight in receiving is proof of the honour we are happy to bestow on them”.

IAPCO unnamed

Carlos de Brito, Michel Neijmann and Monica Freire of AIM Group Lisbon who put forward the nomination