IAPCO EDGE Seminar Athens on 17-19 January 2017


On behalf of AFEA, ERA and ERASMUS, the Greek members of IAPCO, we are delighted to invite you to the IAPCO EDGE Seminar Athens, on 17-19 January 2017.

We are inspired by IAPCO’s vision to create advanced conference management skills and establish an advanced understanding of how the industry collaborates and operates.

Why Athens? Athens, a vibrant and modern European capital, situated at the foothills of Acropolis and a few miles away from the seaside, is a perfect location for international meetings and events. Easily accessible from every part of the world, it is considered to be one of the safest cities, providing abundant modern hotel accommodation and boasting an excellent metro network and overall transportation system. A good combination of fine weather throughout the year and warm hospitality, is what makes this city worth visiting for sightseeing, excursions and technical visits. Moreover, Greece is host to important knowledge centres, notably in academia and research, especially in the bio-sciences field, thus becoming a clever choice for international events that aim, among others, at increased attendance.

With these in mind, we invite you to follow the steps of ancient Greek philosophers and join us in Athens for a unique educational opportunity and an acquaintance with our city’s great meeting potential.

Why Attend?
By attending the IAPCO EDGE Seminar you should expect to take away with you:
  • General management skills and tool kits
  • Specific skills and expertise in relation to advances and changes taking place in the meetings industry and your sector
Join us in IAPCO EDGE Athens and:
  • Grow as an individual in your profession
  • Enjoy peer to peer learning – be amongst like-minded individuals
  • Live the vibes of a modern metropolis under the shadow of the famous Acropolis.
  • Prepare to learn but also to exchange ideas at the crossroads of civilizations, in a city where understanding and appreciating cross-cultural differences is just natural.
  • Combine a prime opportunity for professional education and development with the benefits of:
    • Unique natural environment, surrounded by the “wine dark” Aegean Sea
    • Unmatched combination of the new and the old
    • Traditional Greek hospitality
    • A dynamic meeting destination
    • A safe and easy going city
Program Highlights include:
  •         Bidding
  •         Site Inspections
  •         Time and Stress Management
  •         Project Planning
  •         Event Marketing in the Digital Era
  •         Budgeting
  •         Engaging the Delegate
  •         Sponsorship
  •         Evolving role of the PCO and Future Trends