UNWTO: The Real Value of the Meetings Industry


As defined by the UNWTO, Reed Travel Exhibitions, ICCA and MPI,
a meeting is a general term indicating the coming together of a
number of people in one place, to confer or carry out a particular
activity. The term “meeting” and its description above was defined
to refer to a gathering of 10 or more participants for a minimum of 4
hours in a contracted venue. These meetings include conventions,
conferences, congresses, trade shows and exhibitions, incentive
events, corporate/business meetings, and other meetings that meet
the aforementioned criteria.

The activities of the Meetings Industry are an increasingly significant
element in the future growth of the global economy, an essential
part of the spread of knowledge and professional practices, and a
key factor in building better understanding and relations amongst
different regions and cultures.

There are several “positive points” in the Meetings Industry such as:
■ Meetings are big business in their own right, and play an
important role in supporting other businesses.
■ Meetings promote investment, trade, communications,
and technology.
■ Meetings bring education and professional development
to the local community, creating jobs and retaining work
■ It is a “clean” industry and promotes environmental
■ Meetings promote and support other business sectors.
■ Meetings represent the “high end” of visitor spending.
■ Meetings attract global expertise.
■ Meetings create and spread knowledge world-wide.
■ Meetings build community profile.
■ Meetings promote global understanding and

However, one of the main barriers hindering the development of the Meetings Industry is not being
able to manage what isn´t .
Μέρος της  “Global Report on the Meetings Industry”, του World Tourism Organization (UNWTO),
Μάρτιος 2014