CB Insights Technology Conference

Ημερομηνία 16/06/2020 - 18/06/2020, 9:00 πμ - 5:30 μμ
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The CB Insights Tech Conference will help you understand how the best companies are pivoting their strategies and technology investments in response to market conditions. You’ll learn about the transformative technologies and ideas that are helping both companies and employees in financial services, retail, CPG, industrials and healthcare adapt to survive.  From the technologies that are changing how and where work gets done to how we earn, save and invest to how we play, learn, and create - the message is clear. Everything is changing. So now what?

CB Insights Tech Conference brings you Fortune 500 leaders, emerging tech CEOs and world-renowned investors to offer their wisdom on what’s next at the intersection of business, technology and work.

Gradually then suddenly. Very suddenly. Covid-19 has changed everything. Where's tech going and how fast can you adapt? We're excited to announce the CB Insights Technology Conference (June 16-18, 2020).  It's a fully virtual event where we'll be exploring how technology is reshaping society, markets and industries. We reached out to the smartest people we know to see what they think. Our all-star speaker lineup already includes:
  • Chris Sacca, Co-founder, Lowercarbon Capital (angel investor, philanthropist, and former Shark Tank host)
  • Cal Henderson, Co-founder, Slack (NYSE: WORK)
  • Steve Case, CEO, Revolution (author of NYT bestseller The Third Wave; Co-founder, AOL)
  • Jennifer Schneider, President, Livongo (NASDAQ: LVGO)
  • Daphne Koller, CEO, Insitro (Co-founder, Coursera)
  • Bryan Leach, CEO, Ibotta (unicorn - $1B valuation)
  • Pat Grady, Partner, Sequoia Capital (investor in Zoom)
  • Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures (author of NYT bestseller AI Superpowers; former Google China President)
  • David Sacks, Co-founder, Craft Ventures (founding COO, PayPal; Co-founder, Yammer)
What you'll get:
  • 3 days of hearing from the smartest people in tech
  • 1:1 virtual networking with startups, VCs and corporations
  • Some good ol' CB Insights research on where tech is going


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