1st International Conference on Welding and Non Destructive Testing (1st ICWNDT-2018): the 6th ICNDT of HSN

Ημερομηνία 22/10/2017 - 24/10/2017, Ολοήμερο
Τοποθεσία Ίδρυμα Ευγενίδου
Διεύθυνση Λεωφόρος Συγγρού 387, Αθήνα
Επιστημονική Εταιρεία / Φορέας the Hellenic Society of Non Destructive Testing (HSNT) and the Welding Greek Institute (WGI)
Email hsnt@hsnt.gr
Website www.hsnt.gr

Dear colleagues,

The conference organizing committee with their chairmen Prof. Ioannis Prassianakis and
Meletios Tzaferis cordially invites you to present papers and posters in all relevant fields of
NDT and Welds and also to participate in the exhibition of new NDT and Welds products,
which will take place during the conference.

The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists, researchers and industrial engineers in
the attempt to exchange recent experiences in the research and development activities in the
field of NDT and Welding, as well as to promote international collaboration in all matters
related to NDT and Welding.

You are kindly invited to participate in this important event and take the chance to create or
renew friendships, exchange ideas and have the opportunity for relax in this historical and
famous city of Athens, website: ABOUT ATHENS.

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece and is one of the world’s oldest cities. Classical
Athens was a powerful city-state, a centre for arts, learning and philosophy, home
of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum and, – it is widely referred to as
the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. The heritage of the classical
era is still evident in the city, represented by ancient monuments and works of art, the most
famous of all being the Parthenon, considered a key landmark of early Western civilization.
Athens was the host city of the first modern-day Olympic Games in 1896, and 108 years later it
welcomed home the 2004 Summer Olympics. Athens is also home to several large museums,
such as the National Archeological Museum, featuring the world’s largest collection of ancient
Greek antiquities, the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the new Acropolis Museum.
Looking forword to welcome you in October 2018

The Chairmen of the Conference
Prassianakis I.,Prof. Emeritus – NTUA, President of HSNT and Meletios Tzaferis, (Chief)
Executive Director of WGI, Mechanical Engineering.

Call for Papers
You are invited to submit abstracts according to the below mentioned guidelines:
 Registration of papers will only be considered if they are submitted completely, i.e. together with all
requested data and the abstract.
 Authors should register only one paper.
 English being the conference language, the contributions have to be submitted and presented in
English. Translation into other languages will not be provided.
 Please send your paper submission and the abstract (about 300 words) to e-mail: hsnt@hsnt.gr until
1 January 2018 the latest.
 Authors have to classify the topic of their speech.
 Presentations will be in oral (20 min. incl. discussion), and poster form.
 Authors will be informed about the acceptance of their contributions on 1February 2018.
 Authors, whose paper is accepted, have to register via using the attached form and returning it to the
e-mail: hsnt@hsnt.gr and pay the registration fee until 1 September 2018 the latest.
 The registration is binding and non-refundable.
 The full paper, formatted according to the template, must be on hand in the HSNT as an electronic
file by 1 July 2018.
 The template for preparing the manuscripts will be sent to the authors and also be published at our
 The proceedings will be available at the conference.

Conference Topics
The topics to be covered by the conference include all thematic areas of current research and industrial
use of NDT and Welds. Main topics of the conference are:
 Advanced NDT and Ultrasonic Techniques
 Advanced joining processes
 Aerospace and Marine.
 Applications and innovations of NDT methods.
 Applications for the power generation (including nuclear technologies).
 Applications for the shipping and aerospace industries.
 Composite materials, Welding and Adhesion
 Developments in automation of welding processes
 Developments in dissimilar materials joining
 Developments in pipeline construction
 Developments in welding consumables
 Developments in welding power sources technology
 Digital Radiography.
 Fundamental and applications of welding and joining process.
 Industrial Manufacturing.
 Inspection, Training and Certification of Welding and NDT personnel.
 Microstructure and metallurgical behaviors in welds
 Modeling and Simulation of Welds and Welded Stuctures.
 NDT applications in the civil structures industry.
 NDT for the diagnostics and refurbishment of cultural heritage monuments
 NDT in Medical Applications.
 NDT Technology Transfer.
 Non-Contact NDT methods.
 Residual stress and distorsion in weldments.
 Testing and inspections for weld integrity.
 Theoretical modeling.
 Weld properties and performance.
 Weldability of materials.
 Welding consumables and equipments.
 Welding practices in industries.
 Others.

Chairmen of the Conference: Prassianakis Ioannis,Prof. Emeritus – NTUA, President of HSNT, email:
prasian@central.ntua.gr, and Tzaferis Meletios, (Chief) Executive Director of WGI, Mechanical
Engineering, e-mail: tzaferis@wgi.gr.

Organizing Committee:
1. Charitidis Con/nos, Mech. Eng., NDT Inspector, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2. Grapsas Vasileios, Phd, Mechanical Engineer NTUA, Welding & NDT Institute, Athens, Greece.
3. Hristoforou Evangelos, Professor, NTUA, Athens, Greece.
4. Kouridakis Stylianos, TEI of Chania, Chania Crete, Greece.
5. Kotouzas Apostolos, TQCC, Mech. & NDT Engin., NDT Inspector, Athens, Greece.
6. Mylonakis George, Physicist (M.Sc), President of GA, WGI, Athens, Greece.
7. Papadopoulos Myron, Public Power Corporation, Athens, Greece.
8. Petridis G., NDT Inspector, Athens, Greece.
9. Prassianakis I., Prof. Emeritus NTUA, President of HSNT, Athens, Greece.
10. Vamvacousis Art., Dr., Metallurgical/Welding Engineer, Athens, Greece.

Scientific Committee
1. Anastasopoulos Nassos, Dr. Engineering & Sales Director, MISTRAS GROUP HELLAS A.B.E.E.,
2. Antonatos Alexandros, Head of Mechanical–Metallography, Testing & Inspection Section, PPC
SA/TRSC, Athens, Greece.
3. Assunçao Eurico, Dr. Mech. Engineer, Deputy Director at EWF, Portugal.
4. Aufricht Gerhard, Ing., Vice President, ÖGfZP , Austria.
5. Babu Sajeesh K., Chairman of ICNDT, member of APNDT, President of NDTSS.
6. Botsis John., Full Professor LMAF Pol. Scool of Lausanne, Switzerland.
7. Diamantopoulos Kon., Metallurgical/Welding /NDT Engineer, General Manager of Welding
Greek Institute, Greece.
8. Farley Mike, Dr. past Chairman of ICNDT and EFNDT, U.K.
9. Ferraz Rute Mech. Engineer, EWF/IIW-IAB Chief Executive, ISQ-Portuguese Welding and
Quality Institute, Training Department Director, Portugal
10. Grapsas Vasileios, Phd, Mechanical Engineer NTUA, Welding & NDT Institute, Athens, Greece.
11. Grum Janez, Prof. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
12. Gur C. Hakan, Vice President of TURKNDT, Prof. Welding Technology & NDT Center, Middle
East Technical University, Turkey.
13. Hristoforou Evangelos, Professor, NTUA, Athens, Greece.
14. Karalekas Dimitrios, Professor University of Pirea, Greece.
15. Kotouzas Apostolos, TQCC, Mech. & NDT Engin., NDT Inspector, Athens, Greece.
16. Kourkoulis Stavros, Prfessor NTUA, Athens, Greece..
17. Kouridakis Stylianos, TEI of Chania, Chania Crete, Greece.
18. Marini R., Dr., Inspector NDT Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A., Athens, Greece.
19. Maropoulos Stergios, Professor TEI Kozanis, Greece.
20. Matikas Theodoros, Professor, University on Ioanninon, Greece.
21. Moropoulou Ant., Professor NTUA, Athens, Greece.
22. Mouzakis Dionysios, Professor Hellenic Army Academy, Athens, Greece.
23. Orfanoudakis N., Prof. TEI of Chalkidas, Chalkida, Greece.
24. Prassianakis I., Prof. Emeritus NTUA, President of HSNT, Athens, Greece.
25. Purschke Matthias, Dr. EFNDT Ex-President, c/o DGZfP e.V., Berlin, Germany.
26. Smith Robert A. Professor of NDT, University of Bristol U.K.
27. Stergiopoulos Dimitrios Metallurgical / Welding / NDT Engineer, Hellenic Shipyards S.A, Greece.
28. Theodoulidis Th., Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Western Macedonia, Kozani, Greece.
29. Trampus Peter, President of EFNDT, Research Professor, Hungary.
30. Tzaferis Meletios, Mech. Engineering, (Chief) Executive Director of WGI, Greece.
31. Vahaviolos Sot. Dr., Chairman and CEO, MISTRAS Group, NJ, USA.
32. Vamvakousis Art., Dr., Metallurgical/Welding Engineer, Athens, Greece.
33. Youtsos Anastasius, Dr. Chairman, NeT – European Research Network on Neutron Techniques


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